康定情歌 (Kang Ding Love Song)

Sung by 喻宜萱 Yu Yixuan, Chinese soprano

Sung by 潘迪華 Rebecca Pan, Chinese pop singer
The song is highly repetitive. A single chorus repeated four times. No verses. Pan keeps it interesting by singing each of the four choruses differently.

Sung by 鬆井 菜桜子 Naoko Matsui, Japanese soprano; 陳其蓮 Qilian Chen, Chinese soprano; and Shi Heng, Chinese baritone, at Salle Gaveau Paris

Orchestral performance by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Kosuke Onozaki

作词: 李依若 (李天禄)

[ Instrumental prelude:
跑馬溜溜的山_上 / 一朵溜溜的雲喲 /
端端溜溜的照_在 / 康定溜溜的城喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 康定溜溜的城_喲 / ]

跑馬溜溜的山_上 / 一朵溜溜的雲喲 /
端端溜溜的照_在 / 康定溜溜的城喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 康定溜溜的城_喲 /

李家溜溜的大_姐 / 人才溜溜的好喲 /
張家溜溜的大_哥 / 看上溜溜的她喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 看上溜溜的她_喲!

[ ]

一來溜溜地看_上 / 人才溜溜地好喲 / .
二來溜溜地看_上 / 會當溜溜的家喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 會當溜溜的家_喲 /

世間溜溜的女_子 / 任我溜溜地愛喲 /
世間溜溜的男_子 / 任你溜溜地求喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 任你溜溜地求_喲 / ]

[ 世間溜溜的女_子 / 任我溜溜地愛喲 /
世間溜溜的男_子 / 任你溜溜地求喲 /
月亮 / 彎_彎_ _ / 任你溜溜地求_喲 / ]









Sobre las olas (The Loveliest Night of the Year)

Sung by Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer

Orchestral performance by the Berliner Symphoniker, conducted by Robert Stolz

Piano solo by Waldteufel78, Swiss pianist

Sobre las olas (Over the Waves)
Music by Juventino P. Rosas, Mexican composer

Spanish Lyrics as sung by Pedro Infante:

[ Chorus:
En la inmensidad, de las olas flotando te vi
y al irte a salvar, por tu vida la vida perdí.
Tu dulce visión, en mi alma indeleble grabo
la tierna pasión, que la dicha y la paz me robo.]

Si dentro de mi dolor, tu refugio llegara a turbar
te seguire con amor, note niegues mujer a escuchar.
El viento te llevara, los gemidos de mi corazon
y siempre repetirá, los acentos de mi canción.

La tempestad en su furia del mar
y del relámpago en duro fragor
solo podrán débilmente escuchar
la tempestad que hay aquí con tu amor.

Por doquiera que voy, tu recuerdo es mi guía
en la noche es mi fe, pues mi sol en el dia.
Mi suspiro es mi ideal, o mi acervo dolor
mi doliente quebranto, es por ti por tu amor.

Con mi gemido, te envió el corazon
y en mis ojos, te mando mi ser.
Mas no, no quiero de ti compasión
yo quiero amor, o por el perecer.

[ Chorus ]

Google Machine Translation into English:

[ Chorus:
In the vastness of the waves I saw you floating
and went to save you, for your life lost life.
Your sweet vision, recorded indelibly in my soul
the tender passion, the joy and peace I stole. ]

If in my pain, your refuge came to disturb
I will follow you with love, not neglect to listen to you woman.
The wind will take you, the groans of my heart
and always repeated, the accents of my song.

The tempest in its fury the sea
The lightning and thunder are loud
But I can only faintly hear
the storm in here with your love.

Everywhere I go, your memory is my guide
at night it is my faith, in the day it is my sun.
My breath is my ideal, or my pain shared
my aching grief, is for you for your love.

With my groaning, I sent you my heart
and in my eyes, I sent my being.
But no, you do not want pity
I want to love, or perish.

[ Chorus ]



Sung by Mario Lanza, American tenor

Sung by Vera Lynn, British pop singer

The Loveliest Night of the Year
Musical adaptation by Irving Aaronson
English lyrics by Paul Francis Webster

When you are in love / It’s the love-li-est night of the year /
Stars twin-kle a-bove / And you al-most can touch them from here /
Words fall into rhyme / A-ny-time you are hol-ding me near /
When you are in love / It’s the love-li-est night of the year /

[ Chorus:
Walt-zing a-long in the blue / Like a breeze drif-ting o-ver the sand /
Thrilled by the won-der of you / And the won-der-ful touch of your hand /
And my heart starts to beat / Like a child when a birth-day is near /
So kiss me my sweet / It’s the love-li-est night of the year / ]

[ Instrumental:
When you are in love / It’s the love-li-est night of the year /
Stars twin-kle a-bove / And you al-most can touch them from here /
Words fall into rhyme / A-ny-time you are hol-ding me near /
When you are in love / It’s the love-li-est night of the year / ]

[ Chorus ]

Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß

Sung by Elizabeth Schwarzkopt, Austrian British soprano

Sung by Hilde Güden, Austrian soprano

Sung by Anneliese Rothenberger, German soprano

Sung by Anna Netrebko, Russian soprano

Sung by Sonya Yancheva, Bulgarian soprano

Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß (My lips kiss with such fire) 我雙唇那火熱的吻
From the 1934 light opera “Guiditta”
Music by Franz Lehar
Lyrics Paul Knepler and Fritz Löhner-Beda

Ich weiß es selber nicht,
warum man gleich von Liebe spricht,
wenn man in meiner Nähe ist,
in meine Augen schaut und meine Hände küsst.

Ich weiß es selber nicht
warum man von dem Zauber spricht,
dem keiner widersteht, wenn er mich sieht
wenn er an mir vorüber geht.

Doch wenn das rote Licht erglüht
Zur mitternächt’gen Stund
Und alle lauschen meinem Lied,
dann wird mir klar der Grund:

Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß
Meine Glieder sind schmiegsam und weiß(weich),
n den Sternen da steht es geschrieben:
Du sollst küssen, du sollst lieben!

Meine Füße sie schweben dahin,
meine Augen sie locken und glüh’n
und ich tanz’ wie im Rausch den ich weiß,
meine Lippen sie küssen so heiß!

In meinen Adern drin,
da rollt das Blut der Tänzerin
Denn meine schöne Mutter war
Des Tanzes Knigin im gold’nen Alcazar.

Sie war so wunderschön,
ich hab’ sie oft im Traum geseh’n.
Schlug sie das Tamburin, zu wildem Tanz,
dann sah man alle Augen glühn!

Sie ist in mir aufs neu erwacht,
ich hab’ das gleiche Los.
Ich tanz’ wie sie um Mitternacht
Und fühl das eine blos:

Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß!










Translated into English:

I myself do not know,
why they always speak of love.
why when men are near me,
they look into my eyes and kiss my hands.

I myself do not know,
why they speak of magic,
that no man can resist,
when he sees me or passes by.

But when the lights glow red
at the midnight hour,
when they listen to my song,
then I understand why:

My lips kiss with such fire,
My limbs are supple and white,
In the stars it is written:
You must kiss me, you must love me!

My feet hover and glide,
my eyes enchant and sparkle,
and I dance as if possessed for I know,
that my lips, they kiss with such fire!

In my veins there flows
the blood of a dancer.
My beautiful mother was
Queen of the Dance in the Golden Alcazar.

She was so beautiful,
I often see her in dreams.
When she beat her tambourine in a wild dance,
all eyes smouldered!

She lives again in me,
I share her destiny.
Like her I dance at midnight,
and deep inside I know:

My lips, they kiss with such fire!


踏雪尋梅 (Searching for Plum Blossoms in the Snow)

Sung by 王若詩 Wang Roshi, Chinese soprano

Sung by 韋秀嫻 Winnie Wei, Chinese pop singer

Sung by 俞淑琴 Shu-Cheen Yu, Chinese Australian soprano

踏雪尋梅 (Searching for Plum Blossoms in the Snow)
Circa 1933

[ Instrumental prelude:

好_ _花採得瓶供養 /
伴我_書聲琴韻 /
共渡好時光  ]

雪霽天晴_朗 / 臘梅處處_香 /
騎_驢_把橋過 / 鈴兒響叮鐺 /
響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺!
好_ _花採得瓶供養 /
伴我_書聲琴韻 / 共渡好時光!

[ 好_ _花採得瓶供養 /
伴我_書聲琴韻 / 共渡好時光  ]

崎嶇山徑_上 / 臘梅枝頭_放 /
一_路_寒風中 / 鈴兒響叮鐺 /
響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺 / 響叮鐺!
心_ _隨花兒醉芬芳 /
清幽_到我胸懷 / 共渡好時光!

[ ]

Translated into English:

The snow has cleared the sky is clear / plum blossom scent abounds /
Riding a donkey over a bridge / the bells ring out: ding dong /
ring ding dong / ring ding dong / ring ding dong / ring ding dong!
We pick the flowers and put them in vases /
Stay with me, listen to the melody of the harp / together we pass good times!

On the rugged mountain trails / plum blossoms bloom all around /
All the way the wind is cold / the bells ring out: ding dong /
ring ding dong / ring ding dong / ring ding dong / ring ding dong!
Our hearts are drunk with the flowers scent /
Clarity and tranquility fill my heart / together we pass good times!



我住長江頭 (I Live at the Yangzi River Head)

Sung by 斯義桂 Sze Yi-kwei, famed Chinese bass-baritone

Sung by 范宇文 Fan Yu-wen, Chinese soprano

Sung by 毛欣 Cindy Mao, Chinese soprano


我住長江頭 (I Live at the Yangzi River Head) Original Chinese Lyrics

我住長江頭_ / 君住長江尾_ /
日日思君不見君 / 共飲長江水_ /

[ Chorus:
此水幾時休_ / 此恨何時已 /
只願君心似我心_ / 定不負 / 相思意 / ]

[ Chorus ]

[ Chorus ]

Translated into English

I live at the Yangzi River head / You live at the Yangzi River mouth /
Day after day I think of you but don’t see you / Together we drink Yangzi River water /

[ Chorus:
When will this water cease to flow / When will I not love you as I do /
I only wish your heart was like mine / and not betray my love for you! ]

[ Chorus ]

[ Chorus ]








Heut’ noch werd’ ich Ehefrau

Sung by Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Austrian British Soprano

Sung by Martina Serafin, Italian soprano

Heut’ noch werd’ ich Ehefrau – Unbekannt, deshalb nicht minder interessant
Music by Franz Lehár
German libretto by Alfred Willner, Robert Bodanzky, and Leo Stein
From the Operetta “Der Graf von Luxemburg”


Dein ist mein ganzes herz

Sung by Richard Tauber, German tenor

Sung by Plácido Domingo, Spanish tenor; Anna Netrebko, Russian soprano; Rolando Villazón, Mexican tenor
The trio ham it up hilariously

Sung by Anthony Kearns, Irish tenor

Dein ist mein ganzes herz
from the 1929 operetta Das Land des Lächelns
Music by Franz Lehár
Lyrics by Fritz Löhner-Beda and Ludwig Herzer

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz Lyrics, original German

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!
Wo du nicht bist, kann ich nicht sein.
So, wie die Blume welkt,
wenn sie nicht küsst der Sonnenschein!
Dein ist mein schönstes Lied,
weil es allein aus der Liebe erblüht.
Sag mir noch einmal, mein einzig Lieb,
oh sag noch einmal mir: Ich hab dich lieb!

Wohin ich immer gehe,
ich fühle deine Nähe.
Ich möchte deinen Atem trinken
und betend dir zu Füssen sinken,
dir, dir allein! Wie wunderbar
ist dein leuchtendes Haar!
Traumschön und sehnsuchtsbang
ist dein strahlender Blick.
Hör ich der Stimme Klang,
ist es so wie Musik.

English Lyrics, Singable

You are my heart’s delight,
And where you are, I long to be
You make the darkness bright,
When like a star you shine on me
Shine, then, my whole life through
Your life divine brings me hope anew
That dreams of mine may at last come true
And I shall hear you whisper, “I love you.”

In dreams when night is falling
I seem to hear you calling
For you have cast a net around me
And ‘neath a magic spell hath bound me
Yours, yours alone
A wondrous air is your beautiful hair
Bright as a summer sky
is the night in your eyes
Soft as a sparkling star
is the warmth of my love.