June 15, 2013 Recital



June 15, 2013 Recital
Un Viaggio nel Bel Canto


NB: Program content subject to change!

Event photos, by Chou Bogu:


Tea for Two

Sung by unidentified singers, performed by Palace Theater Orchestra

Sung (and danced!) by Nicholle McNiece and Andy McCalman

Dmitri Shostakovich’s 1927 “Tahiti Trot” orchestration of “Tea for Two”

Tea for Two
from the 1925 Broadway musical “No, No, Nanette”
music by Vincent Youmans
Lyrics by Irving Caesar

[ Verse 1:
I’m dis-con-ten-ted / with homes that I’ve ren-ted /
So I have in-ven-ted my own /
Dar-ling / this place is / a love-ly o-a-sis /
Where life’s wea-ry pace is un-known /

Far from the cry of the ci-ty /
Where flow-ers pret-ty / ca-ress the stream /
Co-zy to hide in / to live side by side in /
Don’t let it a-bide in my dream / ]

[ Chorus:
Pic-ture you / u-pon my knee /
Just tea for two / and two for tea /
Just me for you / and you for me / a-lone /

No-body near us / to see us or hear us /
No friends or re-la-tions / on week-end va-ca-tions /
We won’t have it known dear /
That we own a te-le-phone / dear /

Day will break / and you’ll a-wake /
and start to bake /
a su-gar cake / for me to take /
for all the boys / to see /

We will raise a fa-mi-ly /
a girl for you / a boy for me /
Can’t you see / how hap-py we would be! ]

[ Verse 2:
You are re-vea-ling / a plan so ap-pea-ling /
I can`t help but fal-ling for you /
Dar-ling I plan-ned it / can`t you un-der-stand it /
It’s yours to com-mand it / so do /

All of your schemes / I`m ad-mir-ing /
they`re worth de-sir-ing / but can`t you see /
I`d like to wait there / for some fu-ture date dear /
it won`t be too late / dear / for me / ]

[ Chorus ]




Using Google Translate as a Pronunciation Guide (如何使用 谷歌翻譯 作為發音指南)

Using Google Translate as a Pronunciation Guide
如何使用 谷歌翻譯 作為發音指南
by Bevin Chu
May 5, 2013
Taipei, China

Step 1 / 第 1 步:
• Go to Google Translate
前往 谷歌翻譯
• In the left hand box select the language you want
在 左手框裡 選擇 您要聽到的語言


Step 2 / 第 2 步:
• In the left hand box paste the words you want to hear spoken
在 左手框裡 粘貼 你想聽到的話


Step 3 / 第 3 步:
• Click the left hand box “Listen” button
點擊 左手框裡 的 “收聽” 按鈕


• Google Translate will read aloud the words you want to hear
谷歌翻譯 會將 你想聽到的話 大聲的讀出來

That’s it!


Sung by Anne Wiggins Brown, American soprano

Sung by Eleanor Steber, American soprano

Sung by Leontyne Price, American soprano

Sung by Kiri te Kanawa, New Zealand soprano

Sung by Kathleen Battle, American soprano

Sung by Harolyn Blackwell, American Soprano

from the Opera “Porgy and Bess”
Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin

Sum-mer-time / and the li-vin’ is ea-sy /
Fish are jum-pin’ / and the cot-ton is high /
Oh your dad-dy’s rich / and your ma is good loo-kin’ /
So hush lit-tle ba-by / do-o-n’t you-ou cry-y/

One of these mor-nings /
You’re going to ri-i-se up sing-ing /
Then you’ll spread your wings /
And you’ll take to the sky /

But til that mor-ning /
There’s a’no-thing can harm you /
With dad-dy and mam-my / sta-and-ing by-y /