You are my sunshine

sung by Carly Simon

sung by Kyla Nichole

You are my sunshine
written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

[ Verse 1:
The o-ther night dear / as I lay slee-ping /
I dreamt I held you in my arms /
When I a-woke dear / I was mis-taken /
So I hung my head and cried ]

[ Chorus:
You are my sun-shine / my on-ly sun-shine /
You make me hap-py / when skies are grey /
You’ll ne-ver know dear / how much I love you /
Please don’t take / my sun-shine a-way ]

[ Verse 2:
I’ll al-ways love you / and make you hap-py /
If you will on-ly do the same /
But if you leave me / to love a-nother /
You’ll re-gret it all some day ]

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse 3:
You told me once dear / you real-ly loved me /
And no one else could come be-tween /
But now you’ve left me / to love a-nother /
You have shat-tered all of my dreams ]

[ Chorus ]


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