Thyroid Cancer and Laetrile/B17 (甲狀腺癌和苦杏仁/B17)

Thyroid Cancer and Laetrile/B17 (甲狀腺癌和苦杏仁/ B17)
by Bevin Chu
Taipei, China
July 31, 2014

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I am a student of Bel Canto voice technique who lives to sing. In January 2014, I sang “Fascination,” aka “Valse Tzigane” at my voice class recital. I nailed the interpretation, but my vocal chords failed me. My voice broke on the high notes.

As my classmates and I belatedly discovered, my problem was not an ordinary sore throat or laryngitis, but thyroid cancer. Malignant tumors in my thyroid were exerting increasing pressure against the nerves of my vocal chords. Eventually my voice deteriorated to the point where I could not be heard at the other end of a cell phone call.

Looking back, I realized the cancer was already advanced by the winter of 2013. By the time doctors at Cathay General Hospital in Taipei positively diagnosed my condition as stage 3 thyroid cancer, the tumors had already spread to the lymph nodes in my neck.

Amazingly enough, I never even noticed the swelling, primarily on the left side of my neck, until it was pointed out to me by the resident diagnostician. Had my singing voice not been affected, I might not have become aware of my condition until later still.

Needless to say, orthodox medical practitioners prescribed the unholy trinity of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. And needless to say, as a champion of holistic medicine, I said “Thanks, but no thanks. I believe I’ll look elsewhere.”

As Dr. Joseph Mercola, a prominent alternative medicine advocate put it, “Surgical removal of your thyroid means you need to take thyroid hormones for the remainder of your life. For many, this will lead to less than optimal hormone function. Chronic hormone deficiency, depression, and other symptoms of low thyroid function can become lifelong companions as a result… Surgical removal of the thyroid can also result in accidental damage to your vocal cords and/or parathyroid glands.”

Call it chance. Call it fate. But a few months earlier I had stumbled across two astonishingly relevant YouTube videos. The first was “G. Edward Griffin – A World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17”. The second was “G. Edward Griffin – The Science and Politics of Cancer (2005)”. These two videos explained how Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells and only cancer cells, and why the public has been deliberately kept in the dark about this remarkable discovery.



Therefore I ordered a supply of Vitamin B17 and began taking it. By the spring of 2014 the swelling in my lymph nodes had shrunk to almost nothing. By then I was fairly certain I was at least holding the line against cancer. I was fairly certain I was at least not going to die from it.

Unfortunately there was no discernible improvement in my voice. Why was there no improvement in my voice, I kept asking myself? What would living be without singing? By then, my spirits were as low as they have ever been my entire life. Nevertheless I stuck to my guns. What else could I do? Cave in and subject myself to radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery? Not a chance in hell! I have to give the cure more time, I told myself, and doggedly stuck to my regimen of B17.

By mid summer of 2014, mirabile dictu, my voice gradually began to return. Over the past month or two, my speaking voice has almost totally returned! I can’t quite sing yet. My voice still cracks when I attempt to use Bel Canto voice technique and hit high notes. But amazingly enough significant improvements can be discerned from one day to the next.

What I care more about than anything is my singing voice. I’m hoping for an eventual 100% recovery. I want to be able to sing the challenging arias, art songs, and show tunes I was busy memorizing just before the cancer struck. I have my fingers crossed, and continue my B17 regimen.

I have to laugh at the smug self-appointed “debunkers of B17,” with their knee jerk “argumentum ab auctoritate,” with their allegations that “B17 is poison and will kill you!” I have been taking B17 for half a year now, and I’m still alive and kicking. In fact, I am much, much better. I know from direct, first hand experience that Vitamin B17 works, exactly the way leading researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering ascertained in the 1970s, and as G. Edward Griffin describes in his videos.

I only wish I had known about B17 back in 2003, when my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He did not need to die when he did. Orthodox medicine essentially let him die a needless death.
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大自然抗癌物:维生素B17 (苦杏仁苷、扁桃苷或杏素)

B17是含兩個分子的糖,一分子苯乙醛和一分子氰化物,全部緊緊鎖在一起。眾所周知,氰化物毒性大,一定量可致死。然而在B17這種自然狀態裡,其化學性質完全惰性,對活組織絕無任何影響。只有一種解鎖酶才能打開這個分子式並釋放氰化物。 B17遇到這種酶時不光釋放氰化物,本身俱有很大毒性的苯甲醛也得以釋放。事實上這兩種物質作用在一起時其毒性是各自毒性的100倍。這種解鎖酶在其他部位很少,不構成威脅,但在癌細胞處數量卻非常高。結果是B17釋放的氰化物和苯甲醛,毒死癌細胞,且只毒死癌細胞。還有一種硫氰酸酶,是保護酶,中和氰化物。這種酶在其他地方大量存在,只在癌細胞附近不存在,所以保護不到癌細胞。所以癌症的真正原因是酶和維生素的缺失。

中文資料比較少. 但是可以網絡搜索: “維生素B17癌症” 如果你能看英文網路上有大量的資料.



How B17 kills cancer cells / 维生素B17如何殺死癌細胞


B17 is widely available on the Internet / 維生素B17在網上有廣泛出售

Internet search / 網絡搜索: “Vitamin B17 where to buy” / “維生素B17哪裡買”

I bought my Vitamin B17 here / 我自己的維生素B17是這裡買的 :



How laetrile or B17 from apricot seeds kills only cancer cells
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
by Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) There is some confusion surrounding laetrile or B17 for curing cancer. Laetrile was banned by the FDA in 1971 despite its proven efficacy. But the source of laetrile or B17, which are both the same, is legally available. That natural substance source is amygdalin. Unfortunately, many falsely believe this poses a serious cyanide poisoning threat.

Amygdalin`s Best Source

An Australian mainstream newspaper told the story of a man who cured himself of cancer by consuming large amounts of apricot kernels containing amygdalin daily while improving his overall diet. The soft, bitter kernels are contained in the hard apricot pits.

Jill Stark opened her March 10, 2010 article with, “Paul Reid should be dead. Diagnosed with a rare, incurable lymphoma, he was given five years, seven tops, by his oncologist.” The article included a photo of a healthy Reid, smiling with a platter full of fresh foods at age 68, 13 years after his prognosis. (Sydney Morning Herald, source below)

As of that publication, Paul Reid was still on his organic diet, consuming a small amount of apricot kernels daily for maintenance. Any alternative cancer healing protocol requires radical dietary improvement, which includes abstaining from sugar. His cancer curing protocol consisted of consuming 30 apricot kernels per day.

Despite official warnings regarding cyanide poisoning from amygdalin, Reid did not suffer cyanide poisoning eating 30 kernels a day!

How Amygdalin Kills Only Cancer Cells

Amygdalin contains four substances. Two are glucose, the third is benzaldehyde, and the fourth is cyanide. Yes, cyanide and benzaldehyde are poisons if they are appear as free molecules not bound within other molecular formations. Many foods, including vitamin B12, contain cyanide. But they are safe because the cyanide remains bound and locked as part of another molecule.

There is an enzyme in normal cells to catch some free cyanide molecules and render them harmless by combining them with sulfur. That enzyme is rhodanese. By binding the cyanide to sulfuric rhodanese, it is converted to a cyanate, which is a neutral substance. Then it is easily passed through the urine with no harm to the normal cells.

Cancer cells thrive on fermenting sugar instead of metabolizing with oxygen. Amygdalin contains two glucose molecules. So the amygdalin molecules are quite appealing to sugar hungry cancer cells. And cancer cells contain an enzyme that normal cells do not share, beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is considered the unlocking enzyme for amygdalin molecules. It releases both the benzaldehyde and the cyanide, creating a toxic synergy that destroys cancer cells. The cancer cell`s beta-glucosidase enzyme causes cancer cells to self destruct by opening themselves to the cyanide and benzaldehyde.

This is how cancer cells are tricked and targeted by amygdalin. Chemotherapy does not discriminate. It kills healthy cells and destroys one`s immune system.


One needs to be on a good organic diet while avoiding all processed foods when treating cancer. Sugar is an absolute no-no for any cancer treatment. It just feeds the cancer cells. Sugar can allow cancer cells to thrive while ignoring amygdalin`s poisons, leaving too many healthy cells with the burden of avoiding any incidental cyanide breakdowns from abundant amygdalin.

This burden and extreme apricot kernel consumption could leak some cyanide into healthy cells. But the warning signs are early and clear. Any nausea, dizziness, or headaches indicate it`s time to slow down the amygdalin dosage, or cut the sugar.

It`s generally advised that a do-it-yourself cancer treatment should be combined with one or two other protocols. The Budwig diet, which will not permit synthetically derived laetrile or B17 tablets, allows natural amygdalin from consuming apricot kernels.

NB: I have honestly related my personal experience with B17, but I cannot be held responsible for what anyone does with this information. That is his or her own personal responsibility.