October 9, 2013 Recital

October 9, 2013 Recital
Un Viaggio nel Bel Canto
Posted by Bevin Chu







Several years ago, student leaders in Maestro Ren’s voice class decided to name the student recital series “乘著歌聲的翅膀,” or “On the Wings of Song.”

The name, as many have probably guessed, was taken from the title of German composer Felix Mendelssohn’s famous lieder, “Auf Flügeln des Gesanges.” It was an inspired name for a recital series.

I came up with a flyer and program that included images of Baroque era “Recording Angels.” It looked pretty good. Over the years however, both the name and the graphics have become a little stale. It is now time for a change.

Fellow student 劉一強 John Liu and class president 張智慧 Chang Chi-hui recently suggested a new name, “美聲之旅.” In English, “A Voyage into Bel Canto.” In Italian, “Un Viaggio nel Bel Canto.”

Therefore with veteran classmate 秦桂英 Cynthia Chin’s guidance, I have redesigned the flyer and program accordingly.

20131009 知音時間

2014 Recital Schedule:




As usual on Wednesday afternoons at 14:30


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