O Surdato ‘Nnamurato

Sung by Andrea Bocelli
Sung by Luciano Pavarotti and The Corrs

O Surdato ‘Nnamurato
Music by Enrico Cannio
Lyrics by Aniello Califano
English Translation by Giuseppe Amato

Verse 1:
Staje luntana da stu core, e te volo cu’ ‘o penziero:
Are you far away from my heart, to you I fly with my mind
niente voglio e niente spero, ca tenerte sempre affianco a me!
I want nothing and hope for nothing, except having always you at my side!
Si’ sicura’ e chist’ammore, comm’i so’ sicuro ‘e te
Be sure of this love, as I’m sure of yours

[ Chorus:
Oje vita, oje vita mia, oje core ‘e chistu core,
Oh life, oh my life, Oh heart of my heart
si’ stata ‘o primmo ammore, e ‘o primmo e ll’ùrdemo sarraje pe’ me!
you’ve been my first love, and first and last you will be for me! ]

Verse 2:
Quanta notte nun te veco, nun te sento int’ ‘a ‘sti bbracce,
How many nights I see you, feel my arms on you,
nun te vaso chesta faccia, nun t’astregno forte ‘mbraccio a me?
kiss your face, hug you strongly to me?!
Ma, scetánnome ‘a ‘sti suonne, me faje chiagnere pe’ te
But, waking up from these dreams, you make me cry for you

[ Chorus ]

Verse 3:
Scrive sempe e sta’ contenta: io nun penzo che a te sola,
You write always “I’m OK”: I can’t think anything but you
nu pensiero mme cunzola: ca tu pienze sulamente a me
just a thought comfort me, that you think just to me
‘A cchiù bella ‘e tutt’ ‘e bbelle, nun è maje cchiù bella ‘e te!
The most beautiful of the all beautiful, can never be more beautiful than you!

[ Chorus ]

O Surdato ‘Nnamurato Phrasing, as sung by Andrea Bocelli and most others
Verse 1 + Chorus + Verse 2 + Chorus + Verse 3 + Chorus

Staje lun-ta-a-na chi-is-tu core /a te vo-o-lo cu’ ‘o pen-zie-ro /
nien-te vo-o-glio e nie-e-n-te spe-ro / ca te-ner-te sem-pe affianco a me /
Si’ si-cura’ e chist’am-mo-o-o-re / com-m’i so’ si-curo ‘e te /

[ Chorus:
Oje vi-ta / oje vi-ta mi-a / oje co-re / ‘e chis-tu co-re /
si’ sta-ta / ‘o prim-m’ am-mo-re / ‘o prim-mo e ll’ul-ti-mo sar-raje pe’ me / ]

Quan-ta no-o-t-te nu-u-n te ve-co / nun te se-e-nto int’ ‘a-a ‘sti brac-cia /
nun te va-a-so che-e-sta fac-cia / nun t’a-stre-gno for-te ‘m-brac-cia a me /
Ma, sce-tán-no-me ‘a ‘sti suo-o-on-ne / me faje chia-gne-re pe’ te /

[ Chorus ]

Scri-ve se-e-m-pe e sta’-a cun-ten-ta / io nun pe-e-n-zo che a-a te so-la /
nu pen-sie-e-ro mme-e cun-zo-la / ca tu pien-ze su-la-men-te a me /
‘A cchiù bel-la ‘e tutt’ ‘e be-e-el-le / nun è maje cchiù bel-la ‘e te /

[ Chorus ]





2 responses to “O Surdato ‘Nnamurato

    • Many opera lovers consider Bocelli a lesser talent, and a practitioner of “popera, not opera.”

      But damned if he didn’t sing this particular canzone better than many others who are considered his betters!

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