Sung by Luciano Pavarotti

Music by Francesco Paolo Tosti
Italian Lyrics by Carmelo Errico

The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Archive

Io ti seguii come iride di pace
Lungo le vie del cielo:
Io ti seguii come un’amica face
De la notte nel velo.
E ti sentii ne la luce, ne l’aria,
Nel profumo dei fiori;
E fu piena la stanza solitaria
Di te, dei tuoi splendori.

In te rapito, al suon de la tua voce,
Lungamente sognai;
E de la terra ogni affanno, ogni croce,
In quel [sogno] scordai.
Torna, caro ideal, torna un istante
A sorridermi ancora,
E a me risplenderà, nel tuo sembiante,
Una novella aurora.

English Translation by John Glenn Paton

I followed you like a rainbow of peace
along the paths of heaven;
I followed you like a friendly torch
in the veil of darkness,
and I sensed you in the light, in the air,
in the perfume of flowers,
and the solitary room was full
of you and of your radiance.

Absorbed by you, I dreamed a long time
of the sound of your voice,
and earth’s every anxiety, every torment
I forgot in that dream.
Come back, dear ideal, for an instant
to smile at me again,
and in your face will shine for me
a new dawn.

Chinese Translation by 楊玉仙 Yang Yu-hsien

我跟隨著你, 就像安靜的彩虹,
在陽光裡. 在空氣中. 在花的芬芳裏.

我做了很長的夢, 在夢中,
回來吧! 親愛的完美的愛人!
回來一下! 再對我微笑!
在你的臉上, 我將看到新的曙光!
回來吧! 親愛的完美的愛人!
回來吧! 回來吧!



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