But Not For Me

Sung by Judy Garland, American singer, b. 1922

Sung by Karen Akers, American Broadway star, b. 1945

Sung by Jodi Benson, American soprano, b. 1961

Sung by Kelli O’Hara, American Broadway star, b. 1976

But Not For Me
Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin
From the 1930 Broadway musical “Girl Crazy”
Lyrics shown are for a male singer

[Instrumental: ]

Old man sun-shine lis-ten you /
Ne-ver tell me dreams come true /
Just try it / and I’ll start a riot /
Be-a-trice Fair-fax don’t you dare /
e-ver tell me she will care /
I’m cer-tain / it’s the fi-nal cur-tain /
I ne-ver want to hear from a-ny cheer-ful Pol-ly-an-nas /
who tell you fate / sup-plies a mate /
It’s all ba-na-nas /

They’re wri-ting songs of love / but not for me /
A luc-ky star’s a-bove / but not for me /
With love to lead the way / I’ve found more clouds of gray /
than a-ny Rus-sian play could gua-ran-tee /

I was a fool to fall / and get that way /
Hi ho / a-las / and al-so / lack-a-day /
Al-though I can’t dis-miss / the mem-‘ry of her kiss /
I guess she’s not for me /

She’s knoc-king on a door / but not for me /
She’ll plan a two by four / but not for me /
I know that love’s a game / I’m puz-zled / just the same /
was I the moth or flame / I’m all at sea /

It all be-gan so well / but what an end /
This is the time a fella / needs a friend
When ev-ery hap-py plot / ends with the mar-riage knot /
And there’s no knot for me!


老人陽光 聽我說
千萬不要告訴我 夢想成真
嘗試一下 我就會發起暴動
比阿特麗斯費爾法克斯 你膽敢
告訴我 她會關心我
我確定 這是最後的落幕
我再也不想聽到 任何樂觀波麗安娜
告訴我命運 會提供一個伴侶

他們在寫愛情歌曲 但不是為我
福星懸吊在天空上 但不是為我
有了愛情帶路 我遇見的烏雲
比俄羅斯戲劇 還要多

我真是個大傻瓜 如此墜入愛河
嗬嗨 唉 並且真悲哀
雖然我不能遺忘 她親吻我的記憶
我猜想 我她並不是她的真愛

她在敲一扇門 但不是為我
她在準備溫暖的家庭 但不是為我
我知道愛情是一場遊戲 可是我一樣的不解
我究竟是我飛蛾還是火焰 我茫然無措

這開端那麼圓滿 結局那麼悲慘
當每一個快樂的情節 結束在婚姻結,


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