Sole e Amore

Sung by Renata Scotto, Italian soprano

Sung by Krassimira Stoyanova, Bulgarian soprano

Sung by James Valenti, American tenor

This beautiful mattinata (morning song) first appeared in 1888 as a musical supplement to the magazine Paganini, named after the legendary violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini. Puccini obviously remembered Sole e Amore when he was writing La Bohème seven years later, and those familiar with that opera will note that this song forms the basis of the famous double duet that concludes the third act. In fact, Puccini called this song the “first embryo” of Bohème.

Sole e Amore (Sun and Love)
Music by Giacomo Puccini
Lyrics by Giacomo Puccini
English Translation by Michael Kaye

Il sole allegramente batte ai tuoi vetri;
The sun joyfully taps at your windows;
Amor pian pian batte al tuo cuore
Love very softly taps at your heart,
E l’uno e l’altro chiama.
And they are both calling you.
Il sole dice: “O dormente mostrati che sei bella!”
The sun says: “Oh sleeper, show yourself for you are beautiful!”
Dice l’amor: “Sorella, col tuo primo pensier pensa a chi t’ama!
Love says: “Sister, with your first thought think of the one who loves you!
Pensa a chi t’ama!
Think of the one who loves you!
To Paganini, Giacomo Puccini
Al Paganini, Giacomo Puccini

Sole e Amore Phrasing

[Instrumental: – / – / – ]
Il so-le al-le-e-gra-a-men-te-e / bat-te ai tuoi ve-tri /
[ – ]
A-mor pian pian / bat-te al tuo cuo-re /
E l’u-no e l’al-tro chia-ma /
[ – / – ]
Il so-le di-ce / O-o dor-men-te / mo-stra-ti che / sei bel-la! /
Di-ce l’a-mor / So-rel-la / col tuo pri-mo pen-sier! / pen-sa chi t’a-ma!
[ – ]
Pen-sa chi t’a-ma!
[ – ]
[ – / – / – / – ]
Al Pa-a-ga-a-a-a-ni-ni-i / Gia-co-mo Puc-ci-ni
[ – ]


One response to “Sole e Amore

  1. the ” quintessential” Puccini love song. Personally, I think ever classical operatic singer should essay this song!

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