Deep Purple

Sung by Bea Wain

Sung by Dinah Shore

Sung by Helen Forrest

Sung by Joni James

Sung by John Gary

Deep Purple
Music by Peter DeRose, published 1933
Lyrics added by Mitchell Parish in 1938

[Instrumental: ]

When the deep / pur-ple falls /
Over slee-py gar-den walls /
And the stars be-gin /
To flic-ker / in the sky /
Through the mist / of a me-mo-ry /
You wan-der back to me /
Brea-thing my name / with a sigh /

In the still of the night /
Once a-gain / I hold you tight /
Though you’re gone /
Your love lives on / when moon-light beams /
And as long as my heart will beat /
Lo-ver we’ll al-ways meet /
Here in my deep pur-ple dreams



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