Heart and Soul

Sung by Bea Wain

Sung by Helen Ward

Twin piano scene from Superman Returns

Twin keyboard / piano rendition by Elijah York

Heart and Soul
Music by Hoagy Carmichael
Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Heart and soul / I fell in love with you /
heart and soul / the way a fool would do /
mad-ly /

Be-cause you held me tight /
and stole a kiss in the night /

Heart and soul / I beg-ged to be a-dored /
Lost con-trol / and tum-bled ov-er-board /
glad-ly /

that ma-gic night we kiss-ed /
there in the moon mist /

Oh! but your lips were thril-ling / much too thril-ling /
Ne-ver be-fore were mine so strange-ly wil-ling /

But now I see / what one em-brace can do /
Look at me / it’s got me lov-ing you /
mad-ly /

That lit-tle kiss you stole /
held all my heart and soul!




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