Sung by Nat King Cole, American pop singer

Music by Hoagy Carmichael
Lyrics by Mitchell Parish

[Instrumental Prelude: ]

And now the pur-ple dusk / of twi-light time /
steals a-cross the mea-dows of my heart /
High up in the sky / the lit-tle stars climb /
al-ways re-min-ding me / that we’re a-part /

You wan-der down the lane and far a-way /
lea-ving me a song / that will not die /
Love is now the star-dust / of yes-ter-day /
the mu-sic / of the years / gone by /

Some-times I won-der / why I spend /
the lone-ly night / dream-ing of a song /
The me-lo-dy / haunts my re-ve-rie /
and I am once a-gain with you /
when our love was new /
and each kiss an in-spi-ra-tion /
But that was long a-go /
and now my con-so-la-tion /
is in the star-dust / of a song /

Be-side / a gar-den wall /
when stars are bright /
you are in my arms /
The nigh-tin-gale / tells his fai-ry tale /
of pa-ra-dise where ro-ses bloom /
Though I dream / in vain /
in my heart / it will re-main /
my star-dust me-lo-dy /
the me-mo-ry / of love’s re-frain!

Score in C Major:



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