Night and Day

Sung by Fred Astaire

Night and Day
Music by Cole Porter
Lyrics by Cole Porter

Like the beat beat beat of the tom-tom /
when the jun-gle sha-dows fall /
Like the tick tick tock of the state-ly clock /
as it stands against the wall /
Like the drip drip drip of the rain-drops /
when the sum-mer show-er is through /
So a voice wi-thin me keeps re-pea-ting / you you you /

Night and day / you are the one /
On-ly you be-neath the moon / and un-der the sun /
Whe-ther near to me or far /
It’s no mat-ter dar-ling / where you are /
I think of you /

Night and day / day and night / why is it so /
That this long-ing for you / fol-lows wher-ever I go /
In the roa-ring traf-fic’s / boom /
In the si-lence of my / lone-ly room /
I think of you /

Night and day / night and day /
Un-der the hide of me /
There’s an oh such a hun-gry year-ning / bur-ning in-side of me /
And this tor-ment won’t be through /
’til you let me spend my life ma-king love to you /
Day and night / night and day!



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